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The Marchman Act Helps Families in Need of Intervention Services

Families face a painful time when affected by substance abuse. Interventions are a supportive way to approach addicts about voluntarily seeking help. But in difficult situations, addicts will sometimes refuse treatment. At Intervention 911, we help families while working closely with the legal system in Florida under conditions of The Marchman Act. The Marchman Act was created to help individuals in need of assistance by providing evaluation for addiction treatment on a voluntary or involuntary basis. Temporary detention and emergency services can be another option for involuntary commitment when treatment is required but refused.

Benefits of The Marchman Act:

  • Treatment for your loved one
  • State funding and legal authority
  • Options for those who refuse help
  • Safety measures for your family

Filing a Marchman Act petition may be the right thing to do if you know someone who has lost their self control or is in denial about their substance use. They may be a danger to themselves and those around them. At this point, making a rational decision is not possible and the individual may continue towards a destructive path without your help. Contact Intervention 911 today to learn how we can help your loved one with an intervention. For more information about The Marchman Act filing process, contact the county of clerk in Florida.

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