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The Safest Way Home From Addiction Treatment

We understand that coming home from treatment is a difficult time for all. Whether this is the first time in treatment or not, we want to make the transition home a safe, positive and enriching experience. Research shows that the first 72 hours after leaving treatment is a crucial time, therefore we believe it comes with the highest potential for relapse. As a team, our professionals along with the family and the person in recovery will organize a plan. Before discharge, we will go to thetreatment center and meet with the individual and their discharge planner. We will go over the treatment centers requirements for discharge with the individual and be sure all their questions are answered. Then, we will travel with you or your loved one back home, or the new recovery community. Our professional recovery aide will stay for a minimum of 3 days. We will actively create a daily regimen that will help the person in recovery reintegrate safely and effectively into their new life. We will assist in accomplishing all of your goals in recovery. Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Coordinate a safe return home from addiction treatment
    • Provide 24/7 attention
    • Coordinate admission in an out-patient program
    • Establish a drug testing schedule
    • Accompany to out-patient programs as directed by the counselor
    • Assist in locating ancillary services in the area (ie: department of motor vehicles and legal issues)
    • Research 12-step meetings in community
    • Accompany to 12-step meetings daily
    • Introduce family and friends to local 12 step groups
    • Implement a daily recovery regimen including journaling, recovery readings, meditation and relaxation techniques
    • A plan of accountability will be developed to include all facets of the above mentioned services
    • Daily round table consultations for all participants in the recovery process will be provided

We believe that long-term recovery is possible. We know what works. We are here to help build a solid and durable plan for long term recovery and we are here to support everyone involved. We can mend the gap, and create a bridge between the treatment center and the family. Recovery aide: The safest way home.