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After years providing case management and recovery monitoring services, Intervention 911’s staff saw an opportunity to help expedite their client’s journey to living a happy life in recovery. Addicts generally stop emotionally maturing at the age they start using. That being said, once an addict gets treatment and starts to live without drugs, they often have very limited basic life skills.

There is a distinct difference between an individual being abstinent from drugs and alcohol, and individual living a life in recovery. The life skills program intends to address this difference. The object is to asses and improve the clients Behaviors, Attitude, Attendance, and Achievement or (B.A.A.A). Intervention 911 life skills coaches work with the addict on core skills like scheduling their day, shopping, self-care, finances, and navigating daily struggles. Another key element of the program is fine tuning interpersonal communication skills and assisting the client in meeting their career or education goals.  The program is tailored to each client, incorporating their goals and the goals of their recovery support team into the planning.gal130206163138

Four Week Program – Two Levels

The Four week program has two levels.  Level 1 is designed for those with some existing skills who are looking to hone or jump start their time at KSC.  Level 2 is a more intensive level for those who need more hands on support.  Each program is four weeks and generally the coach and client work Monday thru Friday but that can be adjusted if needed.

The life skills program is really a complete lifestyle overhaul that focuses on emotional growth with an emphasis on responsibility. Accountability to one of Intervention 911’s life skills coaches can make all the difference for the client’s success with personal growth. The coaches are trained to compassionately address any non-compliance with the Life Skills program in a non-judgmental manner. Accountability to a third party outside the family dynamic reduces conflict and increases success all the while maintaining the clients dignity.