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A properly orchestrated alcohol intervention, drug intervention, or behavioral intervention with Intervention911 is a proven way to start the healing process and get your loved one or coworker the help they need. Through the loving testimonials of friends, family, and the people who care, the individual is shown the detrimental impact of their behavior on themselves and on those around them. Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley have a method of compassionate drug and alcohol interventions has a 98% success rate of getting addicted individuals into high quality intervention programs. With the help of a highly qualified interventionist, family members and loved ones are given the tools necessary to help the addict in a compassionate and effective way.

Family Intervention

Dealing with a loved one who is abusing alcohol, drugs, food, behaviors such as gambling, sex and shopping can be frustrating and painful. While we know them to be good people, their actions can hurt and cause shame in the people who love them. In most cases, the addict is unaware of how much control the substance or behavior has over them and is defensive when faced with an intervention. This is the disease of addiction, and it is a very difficult situation for friends and family who are forced to sit by and watch as the addict slowly destroys themselves and the lives of the people around them. People who are not addicts have no way of understanding.

Addiction Is A Disease


Addiction is a disease and those who are addicts are in desperate need of help. Without help they cannot and will not stop until the substance or behavior completely destroys their lives and/or kills them. There is hope however. A professional intervention carried out by friends, family and one of our intervention specialists will open the door to recovery and spare much suffering for all involved. If your loved one has an addiction problem and you would like to discuss how Intervention911 can help, call us today. The call is toll free.

Executive Intervention

Missed work, lack of creativity, reduced productivity, poor decisions, and expensive mistakes can often be the result of an addiction in a key employee. Letting a key executive go, and finding a replacement can be very expensive and an executive intervention can be very cost effective not to mention humane. Often times these addicts are friends and valued employees who have served the company well for many years. In many cases the compassionate and appropriate solution is to correct the problem and keep the employee. Interventions orchestrated in a corporate or other professional environment are very effective, however circumstances unique to the workplace make it imperative that the intervention is conducted in a delicate, confidential, and professional manner.

Intervention 911 has highly qualified intervention specialists who can show you how. If you think a valued employee in your work place has a problem and you would like to discuss how Intervention 911 can help, call us today. The call is free.

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