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9steps2Recovery Advocate Program (RAP)

Part of the Intervention 911 promise, and what sets us apart from the rest of the recovery professionals in the field, is the fact that we would like to be an active part of your support team long after the family intervention.

One thing is certain, addicts with a long-term sobriety plan fortified with healthy aftercare and support are more likely to stay sober than those who do not, which is why we offer our professional support and expertise to the entire family. Taking a page from some of the most powerful aftercare programs being used today in the fields of medicine and law, Intervention 911 has developed an aftercare program that caters to everyone, regardless of where you fall on the financial spectrum.

At Intervention 911 our aftercare methods are taken from many years of research and development. We utilize only the most effective plan which will be catered to suit you needs and includes any or all of the following: What it entails.

Recovery Advocacy: New Paradigm in Long-Term Recovery

As evidenced by over 4 decades of results-driven research and the unprecedented success of such projects as the Physicians Health Programs and intensive probation programs that mandate abstinence, a “new paradigm” in long term recovery has been achieved. Relapse is so common for addicts after treatment that insurance companies use it as a diagnostic measurement for addiction. That is simply unacceptable, and research shows it is possible to avoid. With case management programs and recovery advocacy that feature a monitoring component, we have seen success rates of 79% and better with no relapse, and of those who had a relapse, only 26% had a second relapse.
Extensive work with the family members is what makes the Intervention 911 Recovery Advocacy program that much more effective. Recovery Advocacy effectively changes the roles within the family system by taking loved ones out of the “enforcement role”, establishing clear and measurable guidelines for a program of recovery and clearing up all the guesswork and mystery that addiction relies on to survive.

Remember: Tough Love isn’t so much about being tough with the ones you love, it’s about making the Tough choices with Love.”

An i911 Recovery Advocate will help take the guesswork out of decision making and make those tough choices with you. Rebuild the relationship based on facts, testing, accountability, verification and results rather than those waves of doubt, worry and frustration that are so commonplace before recovery settles in.

Benefits of  Recovery Advocate Program

• Framework to assist client with on-going needs assessment
• Promotes accountability and transparency, a critical part of recovery
• Recommendations for post treatment continuing care plan
• Random Urine Drug Screening. Hair, Blood and Nail testing also available
• Recovery Advocate serves as liaison between client and external support network
• Evaluate client’s engagement in recovery services
• Provide disclosure of the recovery progress
• Information Mediation: reporting drug screens, meeting attendance, therapy, etc
• Regular Advocate Group Review
• Aftercare resource and referral
• 24 hour access to i911 staff

Upon request Intervention 911 can provide on-site recovery aide, sober escorts, sober coaching, family education programs, in-home recovery management services, sober living, treatment assessment, referral and consultation

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