Intervention911 has now opened the professional monitoring program to the public sector.  This program was developed for high licensed professionals in diversion programs, Physicians, Attorneys, Pharmacists, Airline Pilots, Nurses and others.

These programs of been successful for many years.  Some States doctors have been participating for over 30 years.  The program is normally for 5 years with Monitoring – random testing.  Pilots could have to be a part of this process for 10 years and if relapsing could be lifetime of the licence.

The statistics show for many of these programs have ranged from 79%-95% successful in many States.  This is what has been missing for the private sector until now.

We also see these alarming success rates in monitoring in Drug Courts.  Some States report to having a success rate 60%-65% for over 2 years in a program with random monitoring.

What is consistent with all of these programs is that each one has a consequence if they test dirty or are not following a recovery program.  That is where Intervention911 steps in, to help you find out what yours needs to be or help you develop one for your loved one so it does not have to be death.  No one needs to hit that rock bottom, the licensing boards and courts created them here.  Let us help you, with professional guidance it easier than you would think.  Monitoring is a huge part of that and our belief is everyone suffering with an addiction should have a family contract with consequences along with this in order to have a fair chance in making it out alive the easiest way.


  • Accountability for ones recovery, consequences if dirty test or misses call in
  • Keeps recovery first by calling in each day
  • Family can enjoy company of loved one without snoopervising
  • Employer has assurance performance is not affected with using
  • Therapist, Physicians can have assurance not using other then what is prescribed

This service should be available for anyone suffering from an addiction.  We can get you enrolled with the same testing sites that many of these high licensed professionals have been using for years for little start up cost.

Call now; let us get you the help that these success rates have been helping others for years.