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Intervention 911 Executive was created to meet even the most extreme needs of an addict and their families based any number of unique circumstances. Over the years, Intervention 911 has been asked to provide interventions and aftercare attention to some of the world’s most private individuals who not only needed very unique lifestyle needs met, but they also needed them met with extreme privacy.

We will honor and respect any request and have created a comprehensive Executive a la carte menu which is simply a guide – if you have a request that doesn’t appear, we will see to it that it is met. While these options are not included in the basic intervention process, we want you to see what is available if you feel Executive will best suit your needs.

  1. Provide an extra interventionist at time of intervention.
  2. Provide a private jet transport your loved one to the treatment facility.
  3. First class travel arrangements.
  4. Car service to and from airport from Intervention and to treatment centers.
  5. Provide a nurse escort the interventionist and patient to the treatment facility for detox purposes – the most medically sound option.
  6. Provide a catered meal during transport to the treatment facility.
  7. See to it that interventionist stays with patient at the treatment facility if patient is a potential flight risk.
  8. Provide weekly reports to the family regarding treatment status while in facility working in conjunction with the treatment team (with release being signed).
  9. One-on-one debriefing with each participant of the intervention after the initial week of treatment.
  10. Interventionist will escort the patient back home after treatment.
  11. Interventionist will have follow up meetings with all participants of the intervention upon return back home from treatment for final planning and strategy.
  12. Aftercare program included.
  13. Have a police escort to treatment.
  14. Establish re-entry to work program
  15. Provide sober companion to work program