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Below find a list of services offered by the professionals at i-911. Our team of expert is ready to work with you and your family in a variety of areas in Recovery.

i911 Continuum Care

Intervention is always the first step from a natural progression or initiated by love of family, an employer or the court. Once the cycle is broken these steps should be continued for success.

  • Assessment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Intervention
  • In-Home Treatment
  • In-Patient Treatment
  • Evaluation/Assessment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Recovery Advocacy
  • Monitoring
  • Sober Living
  • Sober Companion / Life Coach
  • Intensive Out Patient (IOP)
  • Ongoing Therapy, Psychiatric Care and 12 Step Program participation

i911 Treatment Referral

Finding the right level of care and the appropriate facility is something we take pride in. Not every treatment center is the right fit for everyone. Our years of working in the field have helped us know where to place you or your loved one. Many different factors are involved, type of addiction or illness, financial restraints we can help. A successful alcohol or drug intervention is just the beginning, and finding the right treatment center is key to your loved one’s recovery.

i911 Recovery Adovocate Program

The 12 mos Recovery Advocacy Program includes:

  • Assessment of need
  • Establishment of continuing care plan
  • Implementation
  • Accountability
  • Ongoing Updates

i911 Monitoring

Studies show that long term monitoring (Random Testing) improves a person’s chance of long term recovery. Random Testing is used by a growing number of prisons, military, police and fire departments, government agencies, courts, high licensed professionals, corporations, in patient rehabs and more recently, schools. It may also be used on teens by concerned parents. The objective of random drug / alcohol testing is deterrence, as the threat of detection is assured versus other reporting methods.

i911 Sober Companion / Coach / Recovery Aide

A sober companion or sober coach is an addiction treatment professional who provides one-on-one assistance to newly recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. The therapeutic goal is to help the patient maintain sufficient abstinence from alcohol and drugs to establish healthy routines outside of a residential treatment facility.

i911 Team / Experts

All of our interventionists must be BRI, Board Registered Interventionist. We take pride in understanding the importance of Treatment Teaming our cases, no case is done alone. You’re too important to have only one person’s perspective on your case, so we take the team approach.

i911 Consulting

We have a wide knowledge of the destructive behavior modification and addiction medicine. Let us give you years of research and experience to help minimize the damage addiciton may cause within your family dynamics. Our clients have access to deeper levels of expertise that is feasible for them to retain in-house, and may utilize only as much services from the outside consultant as desired or needed.

i911 In Home Treatment

Many people we have worked with have been to many in-patient treatment centers and can not stay sober. Once taken out of the safety net they end up back in their addiction. By doing IHT, In Home Treatment we are able to bring home the tools that one will need to stay clean and sober. Other reasons to utilize IHT are due to work restrictions or plain and simple, the person just does not want to go to in-patient and could afford to bring it home.

i911 Escort/Transporting

We can help whether you or your loved one is interested in maintaining an ongoing recovery or just needs to stay abstinent while travelling to or from treatment or anywhere in the world.

i911 Therapy

Behavior Therapy (behavior modification) is an approach to psychotherapy based on learning theory which aims to treat psychopathology through techniques designed to reinforce desired and eliminate undesired behaviors. We contract with therapists all over the country so the treatment is continuum and not a new beginning after in-patient. The therapist doing the IOP, intensive out patient should know everything from the in-patient professionals to keep the continuum care.

i911 Pain Free

We understand that many end up addicted because of some form of pain. We believe no one should have to live with pain, we will help you or your loved one find a way to deal with the pain but to be in recovery from their addiction.

i911 HELPS

We use “HELPS” as a tool to identify the rock bottom. HELPS gives families the ability to identify and then bring about a rock bottom. The five areas in which the consequences of addiction take their toll.

H: Health
E: Environmental/Emotional
L: Legal
P: Personal Finance
S: Spiritual

Please contact us for how this can help you and your loved one.

i911 Family

We know that dysfunctional behaviors/addictions tear families apart. Our goal is to bring families together in a loving and supportive way. You may feel like you have tried, let us show you a proven plan that works. Our family interventions have helped so many other families come together and recover.

i911 Teens

Adolescence is normally the time we see our loved ones begin with dysfunctional behaviors. Let us help you interpret, adolescents being adolescents, using substances, abusing substances or flat out into an addiction with substances. Eating disorders and cutters normally start during this time. We can help with signs to be aware of to catch it early. Why wait until they are older, this behaviors with time more then likely end up worse before better without help.

i911 Training

We train people all over the world on how they can become a professional in the field. We have conducted trainings in Europe to help interventionists become Board Registered. I911 is one of the few trainers that are approved to conduct trainings that qualify as meeting the requirements of the credentialing board.

i911 International

We are taking drug and alcohol intervention and treatment worldwide. Some of the treatment centers we work with are in Europe, South Africa, Thailand, and The Caribbean. We will continue to help in anyway we can.