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Xanax Addiction

A benzodiazepine, sedative hypnotic, Xanax and its sister drug, Halcion are originally products of The Upjohn Company, now owned by Pfizer. The Upjohn Company’s development and marketing of this product resulted in a great deal of the knowledge we have regarding the semantics of addiction. Differentiating the addictive personality, rebound, tolerance, chemical dependency and psychological addiction are critical elements in proper drug selection and are in part due to the efforts of The Upjohn Company to ethically serve the medical community. There are a number of known challenges in the prescriptive use of these agents, leave alone their abusive consumption. Xanax is not a drug that abusers are likely to divorce themselves from without professional assistance.

Xanax Abuse

Xanax abuse specifically means the self inflicted maltreatment, injury, or damage to ones person with Xanax. This includes the physical body of the addict and the social and/or financial harm that will affect this same “natural person” within society. It includes the family, friends, coworkers and congregation members who are likely victims and/or enablers of the addict’s abusive behavior.

Xanax Addiction and Dependency

Beyond abuse; Xanax addiction and dependency are a potential mix of the physiological need for Xanax and psychological or behavioral need for self medication with Xanax. Ultimately the addict has to desire to be free of her drive for the drug and/or its effects. Unfortunately, a great deal of damage, if not death is far more likely than an addict seeking treatment on their own.

Xanax Abuse Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information or further help with drug interventions.

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