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Video game addiction is not just for teenagers anymore. As a whole generation who has been raised with the availability of video games takes to college, the workforce and family life, video game addiction can interfere with the natural growth of life. Video games and systems have grown in sophistication and complexity over the years and are attracting a wider adult audience. Players argue that the interaction, online playing against others and development of coordination and thinking skills are all beneficial.

Like most escape activities, taken in moderation and balance can be an effective retreat from the stress of the day. But playing for hours a day and avoiding activities with friends and family even to the point of exhaustion is typical for those suffering from video game addiction. For most types of addiction from video games to drug intervention is often the only way to convince a loved one to seek treatment.gal130225171340

Video Game Abuse

Playing video games for extended periods of time develops skills and mastery of the game for the player and a sense of control. This feeling of control and superiority leads to more playing and can be a seductive reinforcing cycle. In contrast, there is little control at the workplace, family members often have minds of their own and video game addicts find this intolerable and escape to the fantasy world of the game where they are masters of their own destiny.

Reinforced by increasing challenges of new levels and new games addicts will often spend all of their leisure time playing, experiencing the kind of ecstasy drug users feel. Addicts soon find they can avoid unpleasant activities and thoughts by playing all the time.

Video Game Addiction and Dependency

Despite the marketing and promotion of the newest, fastest, hippest game- society does not reward those who spend all their time playing video games. The consequences for the video game addict are not unlike those of substance abuse and addiction. Increased isolation from friends and family who aren’t part of the sub-culture, disinterest in work and outside activities and preoccupation with thoughts about video games when not playing are all progressive signs of video game addiction and dependency. As a new field for intervention video game addiction is rapidly becoming a recognized and understood phenomenon.

Video Game Abuse Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information: Your loved one may need an video game addiction intervention.

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