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Television addiction may seem like a joke right? Just turn it off, right? Well when on average children are watching almost 40 hours of TV per week and these children grow up and are expected to function in a society television addiction becomes very real with real consequences.

Coming to understand when you have become overindulgent in T.V. watching can be a big obstacle to getting help. Do you or a loved one eat every meal while watching TV? Do you insist on silence from those in the room while your show is on? Do you stay at home or make sure to record your favorite show when invited to spend time with friends and family? Have you got the channel and show times memorized for more than 10 programs?

If so it may be a good indication that you are overdoing it and personal relationships and the opportunity to live a meaningful life is escaping you.

Television Abuse

If you have attempted to cut back on your TV viewing only to break promise after vow and quickly fall back into old habits and patterns. We know that TV is the most popular leisure time of all time but that does not make it healthy when it becomes compulsive and a replacement for life. If you or a loved one is caught in a love-hate relationship with television it may be masking other problems like depression, procrastination and fear. Worse television abuse may be causing these states of unrest. A vicious cycle is created that can sap energy and make abuse of TV even worse. Internet abuse is a similar problem that follows the same patterns.

Television Addiction and Dependency

Just like substance addiction and alcoholism about 10% of the population characterizes themselves as addicted to television. The frustration and hopelessness of television addiction is when you know you are watching too much, when you spend hours on programming that is empty and meaningless to you, yet despite this knowledge you are unable to reduce or control your TV viewing. After a lifetime of conditioning equating TV viewing with relaxation and pleasure it is simple to understand how this can happen but frustratingly impossible to exert self-will to solve it. An intervention can help your loved one break this cycle, learn new, rewarding behavior patterns that add and create a rewarding life rather than steal time from it. With an intervention video and TV addiction can be treated successfully.

Television Abuse Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information: Your loved one may need a TV addiction intervention.

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