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Is your spouse, child, parent or other loved one struggling with a gambling addiction that seems to be getting worse despite their attempts to gain control? It may be time to stop believing the empty reassurances and schedule an intervention before more damage can be done.

Individuals who compulsively gamble often believe they can control themselves even though they often find themselves in situations where they constantly require help. Gambling addicts seek the action, the adrenaline that comes from taking risk and the gambling culture. They constantly think of the next big score even though money is not really the object. When money is won it is simply sunk back into more bets.

Gambling Abuse

Gambling abuse is a progressive obsession of the mind that affects a certain percentage of the population who may also suffer from other compulsive behaviors and depression. When gambling, individuals feel a high very similar to that of drug users, and gambling addiction can be just as deadly as heroin or vicodin addiction. They get in a “zone” where fantasy pushes out reality as they imagine easy money as a result of their personal system of winning.

As compulsive gambling continues it attracts the attention of loved ones who quickly become affected by the increasing debt, perhaps the rent or mortgage isn’t paid and lies are discovered. Cash advances on secret credit cards, illegal gambling activities and physical threats if debts aren’t paid are all consequences of gambling addiction that affect more than the gambler him or herself. Everyone around the gambler feel the stress and anxiety of the self-defeating behavior.gal130220171351

Gambling Addiction and Dependency

If a loved one has lost the ability to control his or her gambling despite increasingly desperate debt and other consequences it is time to seek help. Gambling addiction will continue to get progressive and the obsession will eventually affect job security, marriage, custody, and basic needs of food and shelter.

At the very least the increasing shame, guilt and hopelessness of the comedown and the awful realizations that the situation continues to get worse rather than better can lead the gambler to thoughts of suicide. It is important to use a trained interventionist as gamblers do not respond to the same type of intervention drugusers do. With proper treatment these destructive behavior patterns can be reversed and a fulfilling life can be claimed once again.

Gambling Addiction Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information: Your loved one may need a gambling abuse intervention.

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