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Food addiction is a problem for millions of people whether it is overeating or anorexia and bulimia. Food can be a source of torture for those who struggle with their body image and self-destructive patterns.

For those suffering from food addiction, eating is as much of an escape as those who use drugs to flee reality. If you know someone who eats for comfort from anxiety or starves trying to control their body image, an intervention may be required to prevent the inevitable progression and physical deterioration that can often result in premature death.

Food Abuse

The abuse of food often starts during the adolescent period of young women but in this image and consumer driven society no person is immune from becoming obsessed with food and its effects. On the one hand we are bombarded with idealized images of the human body that we couldn’t possibly live up to while on the other hand every other commercial coaxes us to eat fast and cheap.

But blaming society does not help with the heart trouble caused by obesity or anorexia. If you believe your loved one is suffering with a food addiction please reach out and get help from Intervention 911 today.

There are many signs of food addiction including constantly weighing oneself, researching and committing to the newest diet only to end in utter frustration and confusion. Bulimics will binge on food then purge by throwing up the food or excessively exercising or using laxatives. Obvious signs are obesity or extreme weight loss and ignoring a doctor’s advice about losing/gaining weight.

There is so much shame involved with eating because it cannot be avoided. People have to eat but those with a food addiction disorder find themselves eating one way in front of others and another way when alone. During binging phases food addicts will often go to multiple fast food places or restaurants to avoid scrutiny.

Food Addiction and Dependency

The biggest consequence of food addiction and dependency is not the shame and guilt however; it is the threat of death. Food addiction and control becomes an obsession of the mind that is extremely difficult to treat alone. Seeking treatment from a center that specializes in food addiction disorders is the most effective step to take right now.

Food Addiction Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information: Your loved one may need a food abuse intervention.

Call now for a free drug intervention consultation TOLL FREE 1-866-888-4911