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Crack Cocaine

Cocaine administered by inhalation is absorbed almost immediately into the bloodstream, taking only 19 seconds to reach the brain. If you can appreciate the experience of an almost immediate “mental orgasm” then you can appreciate the value that crack holds to the user. Such immediate and intense stimulation of the brains pleasure centers results in an equally painful void left in the brain following the elimination of the drug from the body. Primary elimination is evident within approximately a half hour. The perceived positive experience “on” crack versus the grossly negative experience of being “off” crack is so different that a crack addict is literally compelled and compulsive in their desire to acquire crack cocaine and avoid the memory and experience without crack. Whether inhaled or injected, crack cocaine use is essentially abuse with cocaine. Crack use is effective suicide as the long term effect of crack is death.

Crack use is Cocaine Abuse

Abuse of crack cocaine specifically means the self inflicted maltreatment, injury, or damage to ones person with crack. This includes the physical body of the addict and the social and/or financial harm that will affect this same “natural person” within society. It includes the family, friends, coworkers and congregation members who are likely victims and/or enablers of the addict’s abusive behavior. Among types of drug intervention crack addiction can be one of the most difficult to treat.


Crack Addiction and Dependency

Beyond abuse; Addiction and dependency are a potential mix of the physiological need for crack cocaine and the psychological or behavioral need for self medication with crack. Ultimately the addict has to desire to be free of his drive for the drug and/or its effects. Unfortunately, a great deal of damage, if not death is far more likely than an addict seeking treatment on their own.

Crack Addiction Intervention

If you are reading this, it is NOT too late. Calls are confidential and anonymous. You may only need information: Your loved one may need a drug intervention.

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