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Intervention Coordinator

christineChristine recently joined the i911 team as an Intervention Coordinator. Prior to coming on board Christine worked in the treatment field as a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor for 3 years in residential treatment with focus on managing detoxification clients.  Now that Christine has become credentialed she is perusing her passion, and that is to work in the Intervention aspect of addictions treatment and become an interventionist someday. Christine says “I know I have a lot to learn still, but I am driven by the spirit of my friend Beth who reached out to help me when I was in my first 30 days of recovery. She did not have to take me and my son in to live with her. But she convinced me that I had to stay away from my abusive relationship, otherwise I was not going to stay clean and sober. Beth and I only knew each other because we had one thing in common, we were both married the same man who was abusive to us and our children.  She was wife #1 I was wife #2, she convinced me to go to school again, work a program, get a sponsor and do my steps. While in school I realized I loved psychology and Beth and I were talking one day and she said “Chrissy, you should look into becoming a substance abuse counselor”. I had no idea that a counselor like that existed. I had NEVER been in a treatment program, I went from the streets to the seats of the rooms. Beth explained to me what they do and kind of what the scope of their practice was (Beth was a Registered Nurse), so we googled and that was it! I was on my way and here I am today. Beth passed away from complications of a surgical procedure almost 6 years ago she was still clean and sober.  However her spirit is with all of us everyday!” Christine has another passion and it comes from working as a pet care professional in several capacities for over 28 years. She has a teenage son and 4 dogs and usually 1 to 4 extras running around her large property as “Campers” being boarded at her home.