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Ken Seeley – Your Family’s Recovery Advocate

With more than 30 years of experience healing families, Ken Seeley is the leading expert on lasting relief from addiction – for people suffering from substance use disorders, as well as for their families.



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What makes Ken Seeley different?

We believe that to heal addiction, you must heal the family.

That’s why we offer a five-year continuum of care that makes the family part of the treatment team, every step of way. 

With Ken Seeley, family members don’t just attend an educational session and go on their way. Instead, family members have a seat at the table as part of the treatment team – offering input and helping to make decisions every step of the way.

And when it comes to after-care, Ken Seeley is like no one else. Instead of just offering sporadic peer-to-peer check-ins, we have a clinician follow up with the patient AND their family members for an entire year. That might mean 10 calls in one week – but it’s just what we do. 

The solution starts here.

Step 1

Family Team Meeting

The treatment team comes together.

Everyone needs some form of intervention or major crisis in order to change.

Our interventionists are trained to work with family and friends to smash through the addict’s rigid denial and defense mechanisms and break through to reality, thereby leading the way to start the recovery process.

Our intervention programs were the first in the country to be Intervention Process and RAP Case Management Accredited, and are known to have a success rate of 98%.

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Step 2

Family Recovery Plan Established & Implemented

Moving from dysfunctional to functional requires collaboration.

We will work together to create a treatment plan that is right for you and your family: geographically, clinically, and financially.

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Step 3

Meet Your Case Manager & Family Advocate

Experts guide you and your family through your individualized treatment process.

With Ken Seeley, the patient gets guidance – and the family does as well.

Keeping family members informed about the course of treatment – and getting their feedback – lays the groundwork for long-term success.

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Step 4


Experience the Ken Seeley difference.

Come work on your recovery in Palm Springs, CA.

You’ll learn that treatment does not have to be boring, scary, or inefficient. Your path to recovery can be fun, exciting – and best of all – successful.

Learn more about our continuum of care:

Call Now: (866) 572-6911

Step 5

A Lifetime of Lasting Recovery

Experience the peace and fulfillment of living a life in recovery.

Our treatment model has an amazing success rate when it comes to creating functional family systems out of dysfunctional lives in addiction. 

Find a sense of belonging and stop living a life of fear.

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